About Me

Behind The Lens

Ralph Williams, photographer, views the world to discover it's hidden treasures. The landscapes are different but he attempts to capture the people who inhabit this precious land. People are diverse but also have some commonalities. This photographer attempts to share images that reveal the similarities and differences of groups that can be seen under one big tent by way of the Internet. To visit a circus, you will see different activities that are full of color, joy, excitement and sometimes drama. To be a ringleader behind the lens, the aim is to focus and share different aspects of our busy world freezing those moments in time to display something new so each group will be enlighten.

"Come Witness Uniqueness From My Eyes To Yours"


Mr. Williams was born and raised in the city of Daytona Beach, Florida. His higher Education began in the state of Kansas, and continued in Alabama and Georgia. He created one studio in Alabama and two in Georgia. The new studio name is E37 Photography. The short version of the acronym represents. "E"=Electronics,Eugenia, and Evolution. The "3"= God's number for perfection. The photographer was the third child born in his family.  The "7"=God's number for completion. He was born on the seventh day of the month. The "E" for evolution is the mainstay right now since the photographer's  aim has not reached his vision.

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