Body Painting at E37 Photography

The moment finally arrived at E37 Photography studio to unite one of Atlanta’s top full-figure model, Tisha Edge Glover, to be painted by Atlanta’s internationally known artist Stephanie Anderson of Neon Armour Body Painting. The two ladies joined together to bring to you the finished product of body artwork.

We agreed on the tribal look. The blue and red paint really contrasted
Tisha’s melanin skin. Her short curly, natural low hairstyle was perfect
keeping the elements together. Ralph Williams, the photographer,
brought some some brown burlap cloth to be used as a wrap for portions
of the model’s body. Stephanie cut it and put her creative touches to
bring it all life for the photo shoot. Tisha wanted to do something
different from than her other photo shoots. It seems that she won over
the audience who had a chance to view her images on social media. Tisha
had a chance to test the water in the social media posts. As usual Tisha
has a big fan support but it seems that they gave her greater support
for adding bodypainting to her repertoire. Take a look at the short
Youtube video clip. It shows some of the painting process. The separate
images below will allow you to further view the finish product.

Southern Barter Club End of The Year Bash 2015

The Southern Barter Club End of the Year Barter Bash created an experience for SBC members to shop with barter for a variety of merchandises and services. The members were treated to live music and dance from performers, time out to experience photo captures on the step and repeat with people holding SBC signage in the colors of blue,black and white. Plenty of fashion styles, clothing, accessories, fitness items, magazine publications, food, beverages, games, art, and more were in the rooms of the Metropolitan Club. See some of the images on the YouTube video and slide show.

Flash Drive By Photography

The flash drive by photography came into existence after photographing E37 Photography clients who needed a fast turn around on their images. We photographed and added the images to their flash drives to take home within an hour. The clients were also able to review images they desired to make sure that they were getting the best posed images. Each customer left the studio with their images to use for their prospective purposes. The first client was a couple who needed images for an adoption agency of themselves as husband and wife. The second client was a young business man who need head shots quickly for his business. We told him he would not have to wait no longer than the time it take and to view images before he left happily on his way with his head shots. This blog displays the new ad with flash drive that we will supplied to special guests.

The advantages of the flash drive over the CD disk are:

1. Easy to load and unload images.

2. Last longer than fragile CDs.

3. Convenient and fun to carry. Small with different colors and styles.

4. They are re-usable even though they cost more to purchase compared to CD disks.


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