Flash Drive By Photography

The flash drive by photography came into existence after photographing E37 Photography clients who needed a fast turn around on their images. We photographed and added the images to their flash drives to take home within an hour. The clients were also able to review images they desired to make sure that they were getting the best posed images. Each customer left the studio with their images to use for their prospective purposes. The first client was a couple who needed images for an adoption agency of themselves as husband and wife. The second client was a young business man who need head shots quickly for his business. We told him he would not have to wait no longer than the time it take and to view images before he left happily on his way with his head shots. This blog displays the new ad with flash drive that we will supplied to special guests.

The advantages of the flash drive over the CD disk are:

1. Easy to load and unload images.

2. Last longer than fragile CDs.

3. Convenient and fun to carry. Small with different colors and styles.

4. They are re-usable even though they cost more to purchase compared to CD disks.


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